Juliette Javaheri

D.C.: Juliette makes me laugh. High jinks with a side of Pumpkin or Lemon pancakes at midnight became a tradition with us at the Penny Lane Cafe in Austin, Texas while on the road with THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. She’s a classic beauty and one heckuva violinist! I was lucky to catch her and Satomi Hofmann (see also March 2012 Profile/Ten) in the same gorgeous light that poured in through our windows on Penn Street in Pittsburgh! Visit www.juliettejavaheri.com

Tell me of an unusual occurrence you’ve experienced in either an airplane or a laundromat..
I was 16 and I flew from India to San Francisco, via Vienna with my Dad. We were on an Austrian Airlines flight and got bumped to first class. It was like heaven! After two weeks in the colorful yet chaotic wonder that is India, here I was in the lap of luxury. The food and drink in first class was incredible (especially when you are only 16). Unfortunately, I ordered the jumbo prawn entree. I will never forget the taste of it either, because it was coming back up on me the entire time we spent in Vienna on our stop over. (And, I didn’t get sick the two weeks I was in India!).
If you could adopt a celebrity for a day – who would it be and what would be your schedule for the day?
Juliette: The first person who comes to mind right now is Oprah Winfrey. I would ask her permission to use her amazing team of support:  Chauffer, House Cleaners, Cooks, Personal Trainers, Doctors, Spiritual Gurus and maybe even someone to help me with my website or starting my own Youtube Channel. She  seems to have a ton of good people “working for her”. It would be nice to have them for my personal use for a day. 
Have you ever literally run for your life? If so, the story please…..
Juliette: No, mostly just running to be on time for classes and rehearsals when I was a student.
Share with me a :
Quote from the lyrics of a song that inspires you.
Juliette: Anything from Galia Arad’s album “Sand in Your Bed”. The songs run the gamut of emotions from charming and witty to heartache and melancholy. 
Quote from the lyrics of a song that you find amusing.
Juliette: “We began our time together, quietly at first; The most excitement that she saw was going in reverse. She frequented the grocery store, school and our home; But I could tell she shared my need to venture on and roam.” From the song “Tough as Nails (Love song for a Toyota Corolla” by my friends in the incredible Americana band Harpeth Rising. This song is particularly funny to me because of all the car accidents and traffic-related brushes with the law I have shared with the song writer. 
Quote from the lyrics of a song that when you first heard it – you realized that you could have written that from your life.
Juliette: ‘I left my heart in San Francisco; High on a hill it calls to me. To be where  little cable cars climb halfway to the stars; The morning fog may chill the air, I don’t care.’
Talk to me about a favorite pet.
Juliette: Growing up, we always had a rotating zoo of animals (salamanders, an iguana, fish, hamsters, cats, and even a dog). My favorite were our cats. Our cat Kiki who gave birth to a litter of kittens; two of which would be in our family for the next 16 years. 
If the question, ‘Is there an afterlife?’ was definitively answered – would you want to know?
Juliette: Yes!
Have you ever shown up for a date or a party or an appointment on the wrong date or way, way off the correct time?
Juliette: Well, sort of. My mom told me we were going to Chevy’s for my brother Josh’s birthday (which is near mine). When we got there, I saw a dozen of my closest friends from middle school outside of the restaurant. I was mortified and deeply hurt! I thought someone was having a party and didn’t invite me. Turns out my mom had   planned a surprise birthday for me and invited all of my good friends. If only that could happen every year. 

 No names of course, but tell me about the date from from hell!
Juliette: Luckily, I haven’t been on any.
Cruises – have you taken one? do you want to take one? where would or did you go?
Juliette:  Yes, and luckily it didn’t sink (like some of the latest cruise ships!). We went through Greece, Italy and Croatia. It was a lot of fun and very beautiful. 
If you could be an eye-witness to a historical event, which one and why?
Juliette: I would love to have been at the 1963 March on Washington and to hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. address the crowd with his powerful “I have a dream” speech. 

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