Photographer D.C. Anderson

Headshot Photographer D.C. AndersonI love taking pictures of people. think I have an ‘eye’ for it. Our shoots, whether indoors (I have lighting equipment for inside) or out (I LOVE taking advantage of natural light and the variety of locations that shooting outside provides!), will be you and I together, relaxed, talking, finding the light and getting comfortable with the camera. If indoors, we’ll experiment with my lighting so that we get a number of different ‘looks’… The beauty of shooting ‘digital files’ instead of film is that we can take a thousand pictures if we want to! Do not worry that I am going to rush you in and out. Not my style.


Join me here for ten questions and profile photos.

I named my website ‘looks like you photography’ because I started out with the idea that I was probably going to be, primarily, shooting my actor friends and whenever a casting director is asked what she or he is ‘looking for’ in an actor’s headshot, the phrase I hear most often is: ‘Your headshot should look like you.’ For headshots, I take that to heart. However, I will photoshop blemishes, moles, spinach in the teeth etc.. because it should look like you at your best. I also am open to your trying different looks – clothing/make up/props – whatever your imagination can conjure!

I spend a good deal of time in NYC and am available on short notice. Let’s shoot!! I cannot overstate the joy that shooting brings me. Also, you do not have to be in the entertainment industry to benefit from having a good shot of yourself. Social media, websites, business cards… Shoot me an email: