Erin Davie

Erin DavieBroadway favorite Erin Davie was paired with Christine Ebersole in GREY GARDENS and APPLAUSE,  starred as Charlotte in the recent revival of A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC and just wound up a run as Sarah Brown in GUYS AND DOLLS.

Erin and I spent a sunny Sunday morning exploring the city….



1. Who was the first person to encourage your creative spirit? Tell me about this person.

Erin: My Parents were very encouraging since my Dad was always painting when I was growing up so there were endless supplies to play with and my mothers parents were both singers and performers. There were no limits set for me as a kid.

Erin Davie

2. Tell me about some performances/works of art/actions in any medium that have inspired you?

Erin: I can often be inspired by something I don’t like as much as something I do. If I feel strongly against something then I know for sure what I don’t want and how I think it should be done. There are so many actors and singers I admire. Too many to single out.

3. What does the word ‘original’ mean to you?

Erin: Being true to who you are. Even if it’s not the popular choice.Erin Davie

4. Are you ambitious? What does that word mean to you? How does it resonate in your life?

Erin: That word makes me think of those people who only care about how any situation can relate to them or how they can get ahead. But really it means expecting great things for yourself. Aiming high. Desiring achievement. So I guess I am ambitious but I think it would do me good to be more so.

Erin Davie

5. Random high school memory.

Erin: Being obsessed with one boy for years and never speaking to him because I was so shy.

6. Favorite quote? Thoughts on it? (or not)

Erin: Lately, “whatever you are missing from any situation or relationship is something you are not bringing to it” or something like that. I might be butchering it but it is from ‘A New Earth’.

7. What is something that you do everyday?

Erin DavieErin: talk to my boyfriend.

8. Are you a fan of social media (Facebook, Twitter etc). If so, any particular ‘gift’ that has come of your involvement in social media?

Erin: I am and I am not. Erin DavieIt’s fun to read what people are up to and share things but I think its dangerous. I have been hurt by it too.

9. If you could have a ‘dream meal’ (no worries about calories or how the ingredients affect your body) what would it be? Who would prepare it?

Erin: artichoke with hollandaise sauce. I think that was my grandmothers favorite too.Erin Davie10. What do you like about October?    

Erin: The Headless Horseman haunted hayride and haunted houses in Ulster NY. GO. It’s like the Disney of Halloween! 

Erin Davie