Patrick Richwood

Patrick Richwood is recognized most everywhere he goes. Feature films (often directed by Garry Marshall), television, stage…. He’s Patrick Richwoodalso an incredibly talented artist and illustrator and an all-around engaging man to hang with.


1. Who was the first person to encourage your creative spirit? Tell me about this person.

Patrick: I don’t know if it was my mom or my dad so I’ll say both. They met as actors on the stage in San Francisco and were both eventually in the film/TV business for life.

2. Tell me about performances/works of art/actions in any medium that inspired you?

Patrick: I first knew I wanted to be on the stage when my parentsPatrick Richwood took me to see Marcel Marceau at the Shubert Theater, L.A. in 1974. I was blown away by his physical strength and grace, his wit and his extraordinary timing.

3. What does the word ‘original’ mean to you?

Patrick: Unique, one-of-a-kind, authentic.   Patrick Richwood.








4. Are you ambitious? What does that word mean to you? How does it resonate in your life?

Patrick: I guess I’m not because I think I’d be further along in my work than I feel I am. Patrick Richwood I am very committed though and I want to work because I want to be doing what I was born to do as often as possible!

5. Random high school memory.

Patrick: My gymshorts being pulled down in front of a girl I really liked when I was in eleventh grade.




6. Favorite quote? Thoughts on it? (or not)

“Be the Patrick Richwoodchange you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi. Sort of speaks for itself.






7. What is something that you do everyday?

Patrick: Patrick RichwoodLaugh.

8. Are you a fan of social media (Facebook, Twitter etc). If so, any particular ‘gift’ that has come of your involvement in social media?

Patrick: I do like Facebook. I found someone I grew up with in Burbank and was very close with but had lost touch with. Turns out she lives 2 blocks away from me. We had a fantastic reunion.

9. If you could have a ‘dream meal’ (no worries about calories or how the ingredients affect your body) what would it be? Who would prepare it?

Patrick: Oooh, too hard a question! Right now, I’d have to say TanTan Ramen from Goma Tai in Hawaii and they would prepare it but I would be eating it with my oldest friend, Kevin.

10. What do you like about October?

Patrick: The turn of the season; the silliness of Halloween; Patrick RichwoodThe smell of wood-burning chimneys!!