Erin Stewart

Erin Stewart is a New York City based actress and singer. She’s also a delightful model. One morning, a few years back, I was so concentrated on capturing her unique beauty that wasn’t watching where I was on the dock and I fell into a pond – Luckily I had the good sense to keep my camera arm straight up in the air and out of the water. I can’t imagine what that must have looked like an arm sticking up out of the water with a camera in it and no other sign of my existence. By the time you read this, she may be a new mother…

What is the origin of your first name?

 Erin: It’s Irish. It means ‘girl of Ireland’.

Did your parents have a name picked out for you had you been of the opposite sex?

Erin: ummmm I think it probably was my Dad’s name, but I’m not entirely sure. Do you know what it was and it’s origin? Greg- don’t know the origin, but I DO know that my grandmother had a thing for Gregory Peck so that’s how my Dad got his name.

An Architecture Question: Favorite building from the outside/inside why?

Erin: I love Frank Lloyd Wright. Fascinating man, fascinating life, fascinating architecture. I am especially fond of the Guggenheim- i’ve been there a million times- it never gets old. There is an energy in there like no other. I get dizzy. I always leave there feeling like a changed person. It’s quite powerful.

Tell me about something you’ve done that surprised you. Something that seemed ‘out of character’.

Erin: Bought a house in the Poconos and got into gardening. Didn’t see that one coming!! I was always a city girl, but now I love being in the “country” so much!!

Is there anything that was in common use when you were growing up that is now extinct that you miss?

Erin: The only thing I can think of right now that are extinct are the cigarette lighters in cars. I don’t smoke and I don’t REALLY miss it, but I’ve thought occasionally how it might come in handy every now and then…… for what I don’t know.

What takes more effort than you imagined when you were younger?

Erin: Doing the laundry.

What takes less?

Erin: Driving.

Has anyone ever told you something ‘for your own good’ that you are glad you were told?

Erin: Honestly I hate being told what to do. I like to figure things out for myself. Even if it means falling flat on my face- then it’s a lesson I’ve learned, I’ve gained knowledge, and I have become wiser. Have you ever told someone something they didn’t want to hear? Yes, I don’t necessarily advise doing so. Unless lives are at risk, it’s better to be a good listener.

A word that you enjoy saying for the mere sensation of saying it. 

Erin: voluptuous

An animal that has had significant impact on your life?

Erin: I’m not sure how significant this is yet, but most recently (this summer) a cat showed up when my husband David and I were outside in our back yard enjoying the sunshine. She simply marched right up and seemed to say, “Hi! I’m your new cat!” And she keeps coming back for attention, food, love. I’ve never had to take care of anything before (other than my vegetable garden).  I’m pregnant right now….. it’s almost as if she’s prepping me in a very small way. 🙂

What do you like about November?

Erin: Fall leaves, crisp air, the anticipation of new things to come…. and this November, the birth of our son!