Carli Millen

I have taken more pictures of Carli Millen than anyone else. We travelled with THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA for years, stopping for a month or more in each city, performing nights and weekends, giving me ample opportunity to explore photography. Once I got past my fear of asking actual people to model for me (I must have photographed EVERY wagon wheel, mossy tree, and weathered barn from Maine to Texas), it was only a matter of time before I asked the gorgeous and fun-loving Carli Millen…a fantastic model. Creative. Enthusiastic…
What is the origin of your first name?
Carli: it was my dad’s family’s nickname for him (his name is carl)
Did your parents have a name picked out for you had you
been of the opposite sex? Do you know what it was and it’s origin?
Carli: Travis Lee. That was the only name they had picked out, b/c my dad was convinced I was a boy.
An Architecture Question: Favorite building from the outside? Why?
Carli: Nothing specific comes to mind..but I do walk past the Ansonia, on the upper west side of New York City, every day and always think that building is gorgeous. the details are stunning.
Favorite building on the inside? Why?
Carli: Again, nothing comes to mind, but i love anything with dramatic wood beams or woodwork.
Tell me about something you’ve done that surprised you. Something that seemed ‘out of character’.
Carli: Told someone off.
Is there anything that was in common use when you were growing up that is now extinct that you miss? Why?
Carli: Mckenzie’s doughnuts in new orleans. they were delicious, but closed back in the 90s. best glazed you’ll ever taste…
What takes more effort than you imagined when you were younger?
Carli: Going to work
What takes less?
Carli: Going to bed early, haha
Has anyone ever told you something ‘for your own good’ that you are glad you were told? Carli: Yes, I’ve been told, and no, not glad.
Have you ever told someone something they didn’t want to hear?
Carli: Yes. and they’d probably say the same.
Tell me a word that you enjoy saying for the mere
sensation of saying itCarli: shit.
Tell me about an animal that has had significant impact on your life.
Carli: Harry – my 8 year-old miniature dachshund. my husband and i got him together, but harry travelled with me on tour for almost 5 years – practically every city, and he LOVED it. What he loved most was being my companion and ‘protector’. we definitely have a special bond. he’s my better half 😉
What do you like about November?
Carli:The fall leaves. the crispness in the air.