Christopher ‘Houli’ Houlihan

New York based Christopher ‘Houli’ Houlihan is a phenomenon – a young man travelling the world -enchanting and invigorating audiences of all ages with flawless technique and artistry on the organ! His fans call him ‘Houli’  As I am a fan, I will as well.
Your favorite room in your house or apartment? Why?
Houli: My very tiny apartment kitchen! I love to cook.
Is there something that you know to be true that you wish others would embrace? 
Houli: “Classical” music is exciting! (and sexy, and silly, and deeply moving all at the same time.)
I had a teacher quote an old Tibetan proverb: ‘Man says time passes. Time says man passes.’ It freaked me out for years! Talk about a phrase or saying that has stuck with you since you first heard it. 
Houli: I really can’t think of anything– can I get a different question!? 🙂
Do you have a favorite love song? 
Houli: I’m not sure why, but Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” comes to mind. I’m not even sure it’s really a “love song” like most people would think of a love song.
It’s just such a great song, whatever it is. I’m much more intrigued by songs that explore the grey areas of love that are so difficult to talk about. Like Sondheim’s “Sorry/Grateful” in Company.  I heard “And So It Goes” for the first time when I was 16, sung by a choir in England, was totally enchanted, and I’ve never been able to get that performance out of my head. Of course, my understanding of the song has changed a lot since then…
What’s your favorite smell? Does it conjure up any specific memories for you?
Houli: The way the house smells when my mother makes huge pots of tomato sauce! i used to come home from school and eat it right out of the pot.
If you had the resources to be a ‘patron’ (financially support an artist or assist in their support in order that they could live their dream) what would your criteria be for them to gain your support?
Houli: Uniqueness and deliberate thoughtfulness in their art.
Do you eat breakfast? What is a typical breakfast for you?
Houli: Coffee, and plenty of it.
If you were given a talking parrot – what would be the first thing you would teach it to say?
Houli: Oh God, I’d probably teach it to stay quiet!
Cat or dog? Why?
Houli: I really love dogs, but I’m traveling too frequently to have my own. I don’t like cats at all!
Water view or mountain view? Why?
Houli: I’ll take both, thank you very much. This summer I visited Loch Lomond in Scotland… the most gorgeous green hills and peaceful lake I’ve ever seen.