Trista Moldovan

I am about to ‘out’ myself as a big dork, but, do you remember the television commercial featuring the voice of Drew Barrymore saying, ‘Easy, breezy, Cover Girl’?  If Drew hadn’t said it first, I would have (dorkily) coined the phrase in relation to Trista Moldovan. Although, two decades separate our tenures, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA’s Christine Daae on Broadway (currently) and on tour (where we met) and I had the great good fortune of attending Ohio’s Baldwin-Wallace College. She’s a delightful person, a flawless beauty and her voice is, well, ‘easy, breezy!’  

Favorite specific experience of winter….:

Trista: The snowstorm the day after Christmas in 2010. It was unbelievable to see the entire city buried in three feet of snow. There wasn’t much to do but stay inside, be warm and snuggle!
Is there a character in literature whose journey you would like to experience?
Trista: There’s a beautiful book called “The Fledgling” that I read in elementary school. I always wanted to be the main character, Georgie. She’s painfully shy (just like I was growing up!) and becomes friends with a magical Canadian goose. He was sort of her spiritual guide in this coming of age story. Also, he literally taught her how to fly! Even though there is a horrible loss in the story, the main theme about being true to yourself resonated with me- I needed all the help I could get growing up!
A neighbor you had growing up who you particularly enjoyed:
Trista: There was a boy who lived across the street from my family who was a few years older than me. He was too cool for school and I always got tongue tied around him. He was my first crush. I think I was seven!

Must the path to success involve struggle?
Trista: This is a tough one because I look at some really successful people and think “Wow, they had it really easy.” But you never know if they had it easy. Everyone’s definition of “easy” is different. I don’t know if struggle is a necessity but it sure has made me appreciate my personal successes to date.
First thought when you look out your window and discover that it’s raining?
Trista: “Yay! The streets won’t smell like pee today!”
Have you ever been completely misunderstood? Tell me about it…
Trista: I’m a pretty quiet person. I think sometimes people misread that as aloofness.
Have you witnessed what you would call an act of heroism? What was it?
Trista: I saw a drunk woman fall into the subway- without a second thought a man jumped in to help her up. There wasn’t a train coming or anything but I think the impulse of this man to jump in after a complete stranger was pretty heroic.
Favorite sandwich? How is it made?
Trista: A Fluffernutter sandwich. We used to have them exclusively at Grandma’s house because the near diabetic seizures and hyperactivity they caused were only for special occasions. If nostalgia had a taste for me it would be peanut butter and marshmallow fluff slathered on Wonderbread.
The sound of what musical instrument relaxes you? Any particular piece of music that involves that instrument that you listen to when you wish to relieve stress?Trista: Piano. I’m going to be fancy and say that I could comfortably nap to Debussy.
If, today, you could be at your own high school graduation and you had the opportunity to give yourself some advice what would it be?
Trista: “There’s no right path or deadline to your dreams. Let things unfold as they will and stop being such a jerk to yourself along the way.”

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