Emanuel Abruzzo

Argentina born Emanuel ArbuzzoEmanuel Abruzzo and I met for the first time on a cold February morning (7:00 a.m.!) in search of photographers gold – the early light!    If you visit www.emanuelabruzzo.org  or watch him on YouTube, you’ll know why I was eager to photograph and interview this young, charismatic and up-for-anything dancer and teacher. A young veteran of Les Ballet Trocadero de Monte Carlo  (look for them on YouTube as well – hysterical!) and Jacob’s Pillow, Emanuel is an engaging and vitally present subject!  
Tell me a true Valentine’s Day story….
Emanuel:  To be honest, I don’t recall one…. 
Is there anyone in your life that you met by pure accident – in an elevator, someone who picked up your dropped keys, in line at the movies…that kind of thing? How did you meet?
Emanuel: I was on tour in Japan with a dance company, and Emanuel Arbuzzoduring one of our many train rides around the country, we met this American man and a Japanese woman. He was cute, but she was so funny and charming that I started hanging out with her.  Today, she is one of my closest friends. Each time we see each other it is as if no time has gone by. Gotta love the ‘SHINCANSEN’ (‘fast train’ in Japan) for that!!
Do you have a ‘lucky’ number? Or a number that you associate with something good in your life?
Emanuel: At some point in my life, the number ‘4’ was a lucky number for me. I’veEmanuel Arbuzzo always liked ‘7’, so, I mixed them up and formed ’47’.
Have you ever interrupted a street fight – meaning anything from a quarrel to a brawl? Details? If not, is there any type of altercation that doesn’t involve you primarily that would prompt you to get involved?
Emanuel: I noticed someone being attacked in a violent way inside a restroom, right in front of the sinks, and I proceeded to Emmanuel Arbuzzohelp the poor kid out. I was scared myself later, but at least I didn’t feel guilty for not doing something. 🙂
Is there a city anywhere in the world that was featured prominently in a feature film that you visited because of the film? Did it live up to the impression you got from the film?
Emanuel: New York City!  I am from Argentina and grew up with the fantasy of one day making NYC my home, and now that it is, I love it even more!.
Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and found that relationshipEmanuel Abruzzo irrevocably altered when you first visited their living space? Details (no names of course)?
Emanuel: Yes, I am very judgemental, and I admit it. I must say that most times I was surprised in a good way, so not much to talk about here….
Favorite color? Where do you most like to see that color?
Emanuel AbruzzoEmanuel: I love brown leather that looks like wood, gold and silver, and the classic black!
Have you overheard a conversation between two people unknown to you that you wish you had never heard?
Emanuel: All the time. The New York subway system is full of those. But, my favorites are when strangers talk about you in a language they don’t think you understand, and then express appreciation for underestimating you. You never know who speaks what around here, y’all.
Pick one: Which of these genres features most prominently in your music collection? Rock? Jazz? Heavy Metal? Classical? Rap? Folk? Pop? What artist occupies more space on your music listening device than any other?

Emanuel AbruzzoEmanuel: I must say that, except for Heavy Metal, everything has somewhat the same amount of shared space. I listen to music based on my mood, sometimes I feel angry and I pick Rock, when I feel hipper – I go for the  Pop,  or wanna chill and listen to Classical, but to honor the Argentine that I am, TANGO – takes a big chunk of space and play time on my daily schedule.
If you were to name the 8th wonder of the world – what would it be and why?
Emanuel: THE HUMAN BODY. It’s such a complex yet perfect machine that has the knowledge to fix itself in most situations. I find it fascinating!