Satomi Hofmann

D.C.: I think Satomi can do just about anything. She’s an actress, a singer (everything from Opera to Bluegrass), she plays the piano, the guitar and the spoons… I’ll bet she makes a mean ‘Tunnel of Fudge’ cake! We happened upon some great light in the late afternoon in Pittsburgh a bit ago…
Tell me of an unusual occurrence you’ve experienced in either an airplane or a laundromat..
Satomi: Hmmm – considering how much flying I’ve done (hello a year and a half on tour, among other things!), I really don’t have anything unusual to report. Same with laundromats, though I have fond memories of dragging my little wheeled laundry basket for a mile through the snow in Boston.  I mean, talk about commitment to clean underwear!
If you could adopt a celebrity for a day – who would it be and what would be your schedule for the day?
Satomi: Well, I don’t tend to get too star struck, so I’d say just someone fun and with depth and inner beauty who isn’t afraid to be totally stupid just because.  We’d take turns deciding where we’d go next, whether it’s cannoli at my favorite bakery, wandering through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or taking part in a hand-stand-a-thon.  Leave your ego at the door and let’s just be real and have fun!
Have you ever literally run for your life? If so, the story please…..
Satomi: I’ve never run for my life however I did do my first marathon last year with my husband and two of my best friends.  It was the day after my birthday (no, I’m not telling you which one) and what a way to celebrate!.  I was nursing an injury, so by the time we hit mile 23 of the 26.2, I definitely FELT like I was running for my life! The experience was so invigorating, we have now formed a group called Broadway Road Runners for folks in the business looking for a between show run:)
This question is in 3 parts:
Satomi: To quote one of my favorite guilty-pleasure movies:  ‘I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the sky.’  So I’ll compromise by giving you a couple answers for each category:
Share with me a :
Quote from the lyrics of a song that inspires you.
Satomi: ‘Now I live and I breathe for an audience of one ’cause I know this journey is my own.’
‘Give the world the best you have-it may never be enough. Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.’
 Quote from the lyrics of a song that you find amusing.
Satomi: ‘He asked us, ‘Be you angels?’  And we said, ‘Nay- we are but men. ROCK!!!’
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!  Yeah.’
I know a girl who reminds me of Cher. She’s always changing the color of her hair but she don’t use nothing you buy at the store:  she likes her hair to be real orange.  She uses ta-a-a-a-a-angerines!’
Quote from the lyrics of a song that when you first heard it – you realized that you could have written that from your life.  
Satomi: ‘If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you.’ Be honest and frank anyway.’
‘And every long lost dream led me to where you are.  Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars sending me on my way into my lover’s arms.  This much I know is true:  that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.’
‘It’s foreign on this side, but it feels like I’m home again. There’s no place to hide, but I don’t think I’m scared.’
Talk to me about a favorite pet.
Satomi: Oh, my little girl kitty! She’s HUGE and her fur is as soft as a Sharper Image Nap Blanket.  As I write this, she’s curled up in an oblong ball between me and my husband, intermittently staring at me as if to ask ‘why aren’t you petting me?!  Fine.  I’m going back to sleep…’  My favorite thing is: every morning, she jumps up on our bed and demands- I mean literally, with meowing, pawing at my face, stepping on my hair- to be let under the covers so she can curl up and sleep against my hip.  I tried breaking her of it years ago when I was dating a guy who didn’t approve, but I gave up after we broke up.  After all, kitty stuck around and she deserves her props
If the question, ‘Is there an afterlife?’ was definitively answered – would you want to know?
Satomi: Yes!  I mean, No!  I mean, Yes!!  I mean…  Sigh.  After much deliberation, the fact is that the curiosity would kill me.  TELL ME, PLEASE!!
Have you ever shown up for a date or a party or an appointment on the wrong date or way, way off the correct time?
Satomi: No, but I missed a lunch date with a friend ENTIRELY once!  She was amazing about it:  she said, ‘It happened perfectly, just the way it was meant to.’  I have learned so much from her amazing soul. Talk about a huge lesson in how to look at life!
No names, of course, but tell me about the date from from hell!
Satomi: You know, I’ve been very lucky- no dates from hell…  However, I HAVE gone out to dinner more than once thinking it was just dinner and finding out, during dinner, that the other person *thought* it was a date. Oops!
Cruises – Have you taken one? Do you want to take one? Where would or did you go?
Satomi: Honey, I’ve WORKED on cruise ships. Well, cruise ship, singular. I wasn’t even out of college yet, but booked the gig and decided to take a break from school to go on an adventure. We spent the first 5 weeks in Alaska where I had one of my favorite moments of my life. After a show, I wandered out to an empty deck because I was feeling, you know, thoughtful. I stood looking out at the water and then glanced at the sky and absolutely froze. The sky was absolutely black black black with thousands of tiny pinpoints of starlight. They were so clear, it was as if someone had spread out a gigantic black velvet sheet across the sky and then scattered a giant fistful of perfect diamonds over it. Unspeakably beautiful. 
If you could be an eye-witness to a historical event, which one and why?
Satomi: It may sound cheesy, but my answer is the advent of World Peace. To see humanity at it’s finest, putting aside our differences and our pathological need to be right at all costs in favor of love, life, and joy. I can’t think of anything better!