Brad Bradley

Brad Bradley is a true triple treat of the theater! I refuse to use the word ‘threat’ (as in the term ‘triple threat’) as it sounds too dang adversarial to me! He and I had the great good fortune of spending a good part of the summer of 2012 in Ogunquit, Maine as a part of the cast of DAMN YANKEES. I got to watch him skillfully, energetically and handsomely dance the delightful choreography of Jeffry Denman for 11 days (it all came together in eleven days!) of rehearsal and three weeks of performances – Lucky me!!


Do you play a musical instrument? tell me about it. (If you don’t play an instrument – is there one that particularly moves you when it is played well?)
I don’t play an instrument (insert skin flute joke here) but I would have to say that I have a thing for the trumpet.  I could listen to Chet Baker for hours, and do.
If you were a farmer, what would you grow and why?
An avocado orchard.  I’m from Southern California and grew up with Avocado on everything.  Being a NYer now, I miss it.  I would probably also grow jalapeño and cilantro and basil and make it a guacamole farm.
Would you rather be cold or warm?
This question comes at a time when it feels below zero here in NYC.  Still, I would answer ‘cold’. There are ways to get warm: jump up down, cardio, something to get the blood flowing.  If it’s hot and there is no air conditioning, your body can’t cool down naturally.
Has there been something said to you said to you that you have never forgotten. What is it and why do you think it has stuck with you for so long?
“Just take the note.” I am really proud of my early training and professionalism. I am old school to some, but to me it’s just the right old school of class and respect.I read somewhere that, when we allow ourselves to relax into a hug for a full 20 seconds, our bodies produce a stress relieving drug called oxytocin. If you’re game, try it with someone in your life and tell me what it was like for you.
So, I tried it with my partner, from whom I am currently separated, and it was actually quite beautiful, then it turned sexual, then it became awkward.  No stress was relieved and no oxytocin discovered, but it was nice regardless.
Tell me about a positive experience you had with a practitioner in the medical profession.
I’m pretty lucky, I have great doctors in my life, but most recently I was on a movie set, a horse got scared and stepped on my foot.  I was brave and pretended it was okay.  The next day I woke up and could barely walk.  I called my podiatrist Dr. Galli, who immediately squeezed me into his schedule and X-rayed it.  The tip of my pinkie toe was shattered. He drained the excess blood to save the nail and I walked out of there with specific instructions.  A week later I feel 50% and I plan to put on tap shoes next week. He treated me like royalty and made fun of it being my pinkie toe. Who knew it was responsible for so much of what it takes to balance.
Is there a wall in your place of residence that is solid, but, you wish were a window? What would the window give you the opportunity to see?
I have windows in all the right places in my apt, but, sadly, there is no view that is worth it, so, I have lovely window treatments. 
Do you enjoy stand up comedy? Any particular comedian that you enjoy? What do you like about her or him?
I don’t like stand-up.  If I had to pick one it would be Stephen Lynch. I choose him because all his comedy is performed to music.  His songs and lyrics are hysterical and his humor is so wrong and at times offensive, but since it’s sung and his melodies are actually great, you allow the dark humor to be joyful and accept it for the joke that it is, ignoring the line that it crossed.
If you were given the gift of an hour to spend with a ‘hero’ of yours. Who would it be and what might be your first question?
My Hero is Harvey Milk and my first question would be, “what was the moment when you knew that you were capable of making a difference, and what gave you the strength to continue against the odds?”
Bonus question: Do you have a lucky number?