Jacob Braun

Jacob waved to me from across a Thai Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan a few years back. He had recognized me from the National Tour of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. He was in town auditioning for a program of study in the theater. I was thrilled to be recognized, of course, and also glad to get an opportunity to talk to someone who was at the beginning of what just might be a long life in the theater. I could tell instantly that he was a young man who was intrigued by possibility. I love that mental/emotional/spiritual place – I try to stay there myself. A few years later we reconnected and did a photo shoot.
Have you traveled a far distance on a train or car? Impressions of your trip..
My long car trips have been across the sagebrush hinterlands of Idaho and Utah. I remember the CD mixes I listened to more than the countryside: Broadway, Barbra, and 90’s pop.
In what way or ways are you ‘square’?
I consistently want people to shut up in the movie theatre, even if they’re just having a good time.
What do clothes mean to you? Is there clothing of a particular era that intrigues you? What from that era would you like to incorporate into your wardrobe today?
I love novelty T-shirts and weird bohemian prints. The collars and waistcoats of Victorian men are very sexy. I love period costumes but have little desire to incorporate them into my own wardrobe.
If you found yourself alone on a mountaintop or in a cave with lots of echo would you sing? What song would you sing?
Celine Dion, It’s All Coming Back To Me.
Do you cook? Do you have an affinity for a particular spice or spices? Would you share a recipe for something you make that prominently features that spice?
Lebanese soup with tomato juice, chicken, rice, garlic, basil and – the secret – cinnamon. This combination with warm pita is so, so good.
First sporting event that you can remember attending. Impressions?
Rodeos actually. I was very young. Three or four? My aunt handed me cotton candy I mistook for a Kleenex and tried to blow my nose on.
Three things that you look for in a friend.
Insight, Ease (with themselves and the surrounding world), Generosity
Is there a food that you would caution visitors to Profile/Ten against eating? Why?
I like my Mom’s rule: two more big bites and then you can leave the table.
Do you see ‘retirement’ in your future? Would you live somewhere in retirement that you wouldn’t live while ‘active’ in your profession?
I don’t see retirement in my future. But I would love to live somewhere with warm weather.
Art Galleries? Museums? What does it take to bring you inside?
An exhibit that’s ending which I’m paranoid I’ll miss.

Five words to live by?
Always show yourself new magic.