Andy Christopher

I met Andy at our shoot. He was about to head home to visit family and friends prior to touring the country as Buddy Holly in THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY. Great guy. Easy going. Nothing pretentious about Andy. We talked about his introduction to the theater business. We discussed the instruments that he plays – he practically picked them up and started playing. I consider it genius – he would have no talk of that. I have picked up those same instruments and, five years later, I can’t do what he taught himself in a couple of days. Here’s Andy.

If you were handed a million dollars to give to a charitable cause (or causes), which charity or charities would be the beneficiaries of the money? Why?

A million charity dollars in my hands would be split up between the numerous groups that help wounded soldiers and their families.  When I think about all the things done throughout the course of a day and then think about doing them without feet, leg(s), hand(s), arm(s), eye(s), ear(s)… it’s terrifying.  Thinking about that heightens the respect I have for our soldiers and creates a sense of duty to take care of those soldiers when they come back home.  I mean, after all, they take care of me and my family every day.
If you could be a character from a film and the condition was that you lived that particular story  – what film and what character and why?
 “When Harry Met Sally” – Harry Burns – Because who doesn’t have a crush on 80’s/90’s Meg Ryan?  Plus, have you SEEN his apartment?
What song do you wish that you wrote?
Rock & Roll and the Radio
Name something that you expect from yourself every day?
At least 1 more failed cooking attempt
City or Country?
Are you a romantic?  If so, tell me the most romantic thing you have done or hope to have the opportunity to do in the future.
There’s such a fine line between being a “romantic” and being a “friggin creep”.  In a perfect world, a girl would look at something I did and think, “How romantic…” then be slightly creeped out.
What was the stupidest piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
In high school, while mowing a lawn in my hometown, a cop pulled up and rolled down his window, beckoning for me to come over. I stopped the mower and walked over. He told me, “Make sure you’re taking plenty of Coca-Cola breaks.”…because that’s always the healthy choice when you’re expending copious amounts of energy in the Texas heat – Coke. Then my mower wouldn’t start.
Which of these frightens you the most: Alligator. Spider. Grizzly Bear. Any personal experience with any of them?
Spiders. Wolf spiders in East Texas inspire this fear. When I lived there, it was their hobby to loiter on my front porch until I got home, then, they’d rush inside as soon as the door opened… some say it was their attraction to light; I say it was their desire to see me (with all 8 beady little eyes) jumping up and down in terror when they’d brush past me.  Upon arriving home one evening, I saw one just hangin’ out…waitin’.  I stepped on it (“little jerk”).  While fumbling with my keys, I started feeling little prickles on my foot and looked down to see my foot swarmed with baby wolf spiders that had just recently been on the back of their now freshly flattened mother.  I cannot tell you what my scream sounded like seeing as how it was not of this world… Yes, spiders.
Is ‘Man’ naturally violent?
Try as I may to convince myself I’m a really good, peaceful, easy-going person, I’m not on a crowded subway for 2 seconds before I’m ready to kick a kitten through an electric fan.  I’m working on it and I think the rest of mankind is too.
What is your favorite joke?
I find that jokes about submarines always go down well.