Jeff M. Smith

Jeff Smith decides to dance. He dances. Beautifully. Jeff Smith decides to sing. He sings. Effortlessly. Jeff Smith decides to act…you know where I am going with this. A passionate, determined, talented, thoughtful man. We met at the Ogunquit Playhouse as castmates in DAMN YANKEES. After the show, we’d grab our guitars and sing into the wee hours. Later he toured in WEST SIDE STORY – had the opportunity to play ‘Tony’ on several occasions. He’s back in NYC. Looking forward to singing with him again. 
Have you traveled a far distance on a train? Impressions of your trip..(If not a train trip – maybe a car trip?) 
The farthest I’ve ever travel on a train that I remember would be from Harlem to Coney Island. I was with work friends and the whole trip was unbelievably silly and honestly ended very quickly. Granted the trip itself was only an hour and a half I think. Sadly no transcontinental railroad trip here! Though this tour of West Side Story I’m on now feels like the longest train ride I think anyone has even been on. 🙂
In what way or ways are you ‘square’?
Growing up in West Texas I was square in almost every way you could imagine! Now I feel I’m a bit more rounded in some areas. I feel like for me it was part of growing up and exploring other regions and cultures that make up this extremely diverse country. The bubble I had once lived in had been popped and all sorts of ideas were flying at me. Some I rejected, and some knocked off a few of those square edges I used to be so proud of.
If you could be a character from a film and the condition was that you would be that character in your life story – what film, character and why?
The 6-14 year old in me is screaming Spider-Man so I’m going to have to go with that. Spider-Man, final answer Regis. Why you ask? I was raised tumbling. My parents own a gymnastics gym in Texas, so to have that physical ability inside of you with no real effort being put forth would be amazing. The Amazing Spider-Man is who I’d want to be. How my life would actually be led with that gift is another question entirely. Hopefully I would behave, but I’m not sure…
What song do you wish that you wrote?
Rainbow Connection. The Muppets were a huge part of my childhood and continue to pop up in my life in inspirational ways. I’m going to cheat and also say Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen. Wow, what an amazing song that has even more meaning after Freddie Mercury’s passing. These two songs have carried me through many a wonderful and not-so-wonderful days.
Name something that you expect from yourself every day?
Nothing less than the best. In my field you have to love to hustle and I do. Some people need those days to unwind and do nothing, but those days KILL ME. I love working, I love working out, I love to get things done. I get relief out of my accomplishments in a way that most people need a nap to de-stress.
City or Country? Why?
City with opportunities for country. I have a feeling that in my later years this will completely flip flop, but for now I really think that my life needs a city. For my career, my relationships, and my sanity I need to walk down my five flights of stairs and swipe my Metro card to start my day.
Which of these frightens you the most: Alligator. Spider. Grizzly Bear. Any personal experience with any of them?
Bears. I have read many of the “Worst Case Scenario” books. To get away from an alligator, run in zigzags. They can’t change directions as quickly as we can. Spiders, squish them or if you do get bit, see a doctor as quickly as you can. Bears… well they are faster than you and if they want to kill you they will and can. Lions, and Tigers, and BEARS OH MYYYYY!
Is ‘Man’ naturally violent?
Seeing how the world has been, is, and will be I have to say yes. But, we have defied nature in many ways. So, why not overcome violence much like we overcome the elements?
What would ‘Peace’ look like? on a personal level. on a global level.
A very naive part of me says why can’t all these countries just stop. Stop everything and just focus on something kind and good. Why do we need a massive military? I guess this question heads back to is “Man” violent. There is violence in the world, it’s hard to imagine a world where having the bigger gun wasn’t what countries needed to feel safe. Peace to me would be a true satisfaction of where I am in my life. Peace for the world is a beautiful idea, but that’s what it is, an idea. I wish it was more than that but “Man” must fight. Something monumental would have to happen for that instinct to be cast away. What is your favorite joke?
I do like jokes, but I have a question for you. Why do seagulls live by the sea? Not sure? Well, If they lived by the bay they would be called bay-gulls. 🙂