Vaden Thurgood

Vaden Thurgood is a character actor. Can certainly play the leading man. But, from watching him at work, I imagine that he’s destined for a long run in the theater – playing a wide variety of people – all richly observed, detailed and charismatic. I met Vaden while we were both at the Ogunquit Playhouse in DAMN YANKEES. He was dancing, tumbling, singing as ‘Rocky’. This summer, Vaden was cast in GOOD NEWS at Goodspeed Musicals in East Haddam, Connecticut. When an actor twice his age was called out of town, Vaden hung up his football uniform for a weekend and stepped in, proving himself versatile and game for just about anything.
Were you a reader during your childhood? Any particular book that you liked above the others?
I wasn’t much of a reader as a child, but for a while I insisted my mother read me “Where the Wild Things Are” before I went to bed every night. For some reason I loved the creepy, Halloween-esque feeling it gave me.
Is there another form of art – other than the one that is your profession – that is a passion and/or a hobby for you? If there is, which is it? and what is it that draws you?
Playing the guitar and songwriting. There’s something satisfying about being able to put your deepest feelings down on paper and put melody to it.
The Postal Service only honors the deceased with commemorative stamps. Who, in your estimation, have they overlooked?
The only person I can think of at the moment is my father…he didn’t do anything of national importance, but he was so important to me it just seems appropriate.
What food would you like to try that you have not?
Shark maybe? I’m not very food adventurous!
Has cheering a particular sports team ever cost you a friendship?
No, but I get pretty defensive over my favorite soccer team Real Salt Lake…I get pretty heated over those boys.
Ice cream or pie? what kind and why?
Pumpkin Pie! I like ice cream, but pumpkin pie is my jam…get a little whip cream on there and you’ve got me hooked.
Tell me about a teacher from your K through 12 years that inspired you…
My mother was my kindergarten teacher at a public school and I couldn’t get away with anything! She gave me a really good start with my schooling and that was very important to me. (Teacher of the year 1996!)
Is there a type of weather that you enjoy that other’s do not? What is it and why?
Snow days! I grew up in Utah, so a snow day meant a possible snowboarding trip! So now I associate those good feelings with snow, even though I can’t really ride here in NYC.
Have you ever been embarrassed for falling down? What was the circumstance?
One time when I was 12 and in Karate we all had to do a mini obstacle course and there was a high side kick in the middle…I was determined to kick higher than everybody else. You guessed it, I kicked so hard my standing foot came out from underneath me and I went down with a thud! Must’ve turned beet red.
Skydiving, Mountain climbing or Scuba diving?  Why?
At this point in my life, scuba diving…seems exciting and serene at the same time. I need to work up a few more years of courage for skydiving and mountain climbing…too much work, too much gear!