Richard Rice Alan

Richard Rice Alan. Chameleon. He’s a leading man. He’s a character actor. He’s a guitar toting crooner.
This is what I know about Richard: He’s a messenger calling for a more civilized world. He’s a survivor – whatever challenge is thrown his way – he meets it and then some.
Here’s what I learned when he submitted the answers to my questions: He’s a man of few words!

I am fascinated by the versatility of his face. 
Is there a food that you could eat everyday without tiring of it?
Smoked Oysters.
Tell me about a photographic image that is burned in your brain? (For me it is the photo of the girl falling to her knees next to the body of a slain Kent State student).
Landing on the Moon.
‘The personal is political’ – what does that mean to you?
That which touches you personally determines your politics.
What is the first thing you look for when you see a picture of yourself if you are going to ‘approve’ or ‘like’ it?
What is the first thing you look for when you see a picture of yourself that makes you want to ‘delete’ it?
If all you had to do was say the word and all of humanity would do your bidding, what would that one thing be?
Be kind.
Over the next day or so, listen in on the conversation of some strangers on the train/bus/airplane/street… share with me their ‘dialogue’ – can be anything from two lines to a lengthy conversation.
Passer-by in the park: ‘I’m on my way now’.
What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ film?
Roman Holiday.
Share with me an unforgettable moment/gesture of kindness from a stranger that you received over the course of your life.
Nothing comes to mind, is that sad?
Do you remember your sleeping dreams? Is there one that you cannot ‘shake’?
Dreams where I can fly.
Is there a topic about which you could answer most any question a ten year old may put to you?
I doubt it.

Do you have a mentor?

Would you like to be a mentor?