Charles Baran

Charles just might be the busiest actor in NYC. Since choosing to become a full-time actor, he has had few days when he was not either in rehearsal or performance – most days it is both. He is fearless and in love with the process of co-creating in the theater! An infectious spirit in a charming man!
Have you ever fallen for an internet scam? If so, and you feel comfortable sharing your story, please do. If not, what is your favorite of them?
No, I’m afraid I don’t have a juicy story to relate on that matter. There is a reason I don’t however.  I grew up with a mother who didn’t trust anything, so I think some of that outlook has rubbed off on me.
I read somewhere that to prolong the life of bananas in your fruit basket/bowl – separate them. They ripen more slowly when disconnected. Do you have a tip – on just about anything – that you would like to share with the readers of Profile/Ten?
Yes, the same mother that was not trusting of anything was also a fantastic cook (we are Polish descent) and she showed me a great way to peal a tomato.  Take the back of a kitchen knife, the dull side, and gently press and rub it all over the tomato.  Then, with the point of the knife, make a small incision and presto, start pealing off the skin.  You may wonder why you would need to do this?  She had a terrific recipe for a tomato salad that used pealed tomatoes that I’d be happy to share with anyone who is interested!
Ever notice that blue, in a brochure from automobile manufacturers becomes ‘Indigo Glaze’?  Invent a name for a color (tell us in what color ‘family’ it belongs) and tell me what should come in that color.
Hoboken Hazel.  It is a musty, grayish moss color.  Perfect for a canopy tarp covering backyard picnic tables.
I read recently that some school systems are removing the teaching of ‘cursive’ lettering from their curriculum.  What do you think of that and why?
Not sure why they feel the need to do that.  Hand writing becomes part of the identity of a person.  As we grow our handwriting changes as we do.  However, it is very important to start with the basics and then develop our own personal style.  It is very much like playing a musical instrument.  Everyone starts the same way, learning the keyboard, finger placement.  Then, for those lucky, or talented enough, personal style comes into play.  I used to have nice handwriting, now I find I can’t read it sometimes and my signature has become a straight line.
I read on Facebook recently, that there is a monthly event in Austin, Texas called ‘Death Cafe’. Participants bring stories, poems, songs, reflections on the subject of ‘death’ and share them with one another. The evening consists of a combination of sharing and discussion. What do you think of this? Would you contribute a story or poem or song with me here?
I’m not sure that I could do that at this point in my life.  A few years ago I was much more contemplative on the subject of death and dying.  Anything I would contribute would probably have a happy ending.  But I’m sure that the event in Austin has many wonderful moments. People are fascinated with the topic, so it is timeless and will always have an audience.  As I write this I am in Budapest where one of the major tourist exhibitions is a museum that focuses on murder and serial killers.
What makes a society ‘civilized’?
A society is civilized when the population is functioning in a harmonious manner and yet allowing each individual the freedom to explore their individuality without restraint, judgement or overt control.
Name two of your favorite people in the public eye. Name a topic that would interest you for them to discuss publicly.
I don’t really have any favorites right now.  All my heroes have passed away! Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Divine, Truman Capote.  The tabloid stars of today are not as interesting to me as the people I read about from the 60’s and 70’s and even into the 80’s.  As for politics, I’m not a political person, so politicians definitely do not interest me!  If someone offered me a chance to go to the White House and have lunch with Obama, I really don’t think I’d be interested.  Lunch with John Waters – I’d go!
What would have surprised your ten year old self about your current self?
That I’ve lived so long!!  I was always very dramatic as a child and felt certain I’d be dead by 30.  I fancied myself a big troubled Hollywood star that was messed up and scandalous.  That I’ve turned out so stable would have certainly surprised the 10 year old me!
When I was a kid, there were some catch phrases introduced by television performers, ‘I’m just a wild and crazy guy?’, ‘Dynomite!’, ‘Land Shark’… Do you remember any from your youth that you enjoyed?  Did you ‘adopt’ any into your communications with others?
I remember Judy Carne, the “Sock It To Me” girl on Laugh In.  Also Sammy Davis saying, “Here Comes The Judge” over and over on the same show.  And of course, Lily Tomlin at the end of every Edith Ann segment saying “And That’s The Truth!”.  Now that I think of it, Laugh In was just a bunch of catch phrases repeated over and over for an hour!!  Very Interesting.  Oh – that’s another one!  No, I didn’t adopt any of those into my speech patterns, but I have my own personal ones, like saying “sure” when I am in agreement with someone or something.
If you see someone stealing, littering, being rude to another person – do you say something?
This ties into the first question in a way.  I’m afraid I don’t say anything as I don’t trust the other person. I think they might be unstable or become violent, so I tend to mumble to myself and roll my eyes when I see someone doing something I feel is wrong.  Of course if it was a major crime being committed or severe abuse of some sort, I do think I would muster the courage to say something or at least get the proper help.
Is there a skill that you wish you could add to your repertoire without having to work at it? What is it?
This is an easy questions for me.  Playing the piano.  I envy someone that can sit down and play and accompany themselves at the piano.  It is a skill I would truly love to have.