Bret Shuford

Bret first caught my attention at the Ford Theater in Washington, D.C. where he was appearing in SHENANDOAH with my friend (and Profile/Ten subject) Geoff Packard. I joined a number of the cast for dinner between shows and found him to be an easy going, engaging and energetic person. Many years later, we are  Facebook friends – I have Facebook-followed his active career as an actor and singer and acting coach. We got together for a photo shoot the other day. 

What aspect of your personality do you rely on?
I rely mostly on my creativity.  I’m constantly thinking, visioning, dreaming.  It doesn’t often pay the bills but it gets me through the day.



What aspect of your personality do others rely on?
My ambition.  I tend to be a forward thinking person.  I’m not happy if I’m not moving in some direction, so others tend to want to move with me.
Favorite Flower?
Yellow Daylillies
Would you be willing to share a story of an occasion in which they played a part?
At our wedding we had different yellow flowers on all of the tables center pieces.  

Everyone got the corresponding seeds or bulbs to that flower as a gift. The daylilly table was my favorite.

Tell me something your Father and/or Mother said to you that has driven you.
You’re special.


Elaborate if you wish.
I spent most of my twenties trying to quantify special.  Ultimately we are all special, but I have to value myself first.
Nicest thing anyone ever said to you?
My Dad at my wedding, “if someone told me that I’d have a son as cool as you when I graduated college, I wouldn’t have believed them.”

Tell me about a teacher of yours who really ‘got’ or ‘gets’ you.

When I was in High School I met a teacher named Ben from Georgia. We met at the International Thespian Conference in Nebraska. He passed away two years later and I never met him again. The inspiration and self confidence he gave me pervades my work every day.
If you were to be magically granted the skills and the opportunity to either snow ski or surf, which would you choose and why.
Surf, I love the ocean, the beach, the warmth, and probably mostly because of this last winter!
Most significant fear?
Of being ordinary.
What role does ‘habit’ play in your life?
I’ve been sober for 10 years.  I had nothing but negative habits in my life until then. Now, I practice habits of acceptance, and loving kindness daily.
If you were given an assignment to create a fictional ‘superhero’, what would you name this person and what would make them a hero?
Disney Maniac!
Whenever you’re down, he appears and transports you to any Disney Theme Park that you choose!